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To attend to doing sth.Last post 26 Jan 11, 09:28
Lyrics von Run for Cover (Sugababes) [...] Attend to cut myself off [...] Gibt es das oder …2 Replies
to attend on so. - aufwartenLast post 22 Jun 07, 14:23
The Regent's servants in dark blue liveries trimmed with gold lace attended on the guests. t…0 Replies
to show up = to attend?Last post 19 Nov 12, 12:20
Bei einem Übungstext ging es darum, phrasal verbs durch formellere Pendents zu ersetzen. De…12 Replies
take sth. to/jangling/attendLast post 18 Mar 09, 07:45
It was two decades ago that I unwittingly took a dentist's drill to the jangling sensitiviti…2 Replies
to amend sth. - ergänzenLast post 14 Jun 08, 22:37
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/amend "amend" mit "ergänzen" zu übersetzen (oder u…6 Replies
to eat up sth./to eat sth. up - *Last post 10 Jan 19, 16:45
 to eat up   aufessen | aß auf, aufgegessen |   to eat up   abessen | aß ab, ab7 Replies
to attend to / to attendLast post 13 Nov 07, 16:46
Therefore, she will not be able to attend the named Conference. Deshalb wird es ihr nicht …2 Replies
Unterschied: (to) compare sth. to sth - (to) liken sth. to sth.Last post 20 Aug 09, 02:28
Hallo alle zusammen, kann mir jemand erklären ob es zwischen den beiden oben genannten Verbe…7 Replies
to attendLast post 30 Nov 16, 20:00
The only manner by which I could obtain sufficient nourishment was by attending two tables d…11 Replies
to suit sth. to sth. - etw. (Akk.) etw. (Dat.) Sache anpassenLast post 04 Jan 09, 00:31
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies