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to back upLast post 01 Apr 10, 00:43
When a back-up is made - are the data backed up or backed-up or back-upped?7 Replies
to back upLast post 01 Dec 07, 01:02
Successfull promotion of digital printers in those countries has been backed up with brandin…1 Replies
to back upLast post 03 Jun 09, 12:59
"Look, erm, why don't you stayin New York? Back up und stuff." Dialog aus einem Drehbuch z…2 Replies
to front... to back upLast post 04 Jul 08, 21:09
You gonna front like the hard guy, you better back that shit up. Hat jemand einen Einfall f…1 Replies
back-up equipment - back-up GeräteLast post 18 Jan 15, 00:15
Vgl.: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Back_up_Programm http://canoo.net/spelling/backup…2 Replies
Back-up lamp - RückscheinwerferLast post 08 Oct 09, 09:58
? Bildersuche bei Google ? Back-up lamp wird einmal (richtig) mit Rückfahrscheinwerfer und e…1 Replies
use of "to back up"Last post 15 Jun 09, 23:33
Is it The author backs up this statement by listing three different examples of German comp…2 Replies
to back up (sichern), VergangenheitLast post 04 May 13, 18:45
Ich sichere diese Dateien. I back up these files. Vergangenheit: I backed up.. oder I backu…2 Replies
backup, back-up oder back upLast post 21 Nov 12, 11:42
Hallo, wie schreibt man "Back-up procedure" richtig, wenn es sich dabei um die Überschrift …1 Replies
to back-pedal - *Last post 04 Jun 11, 05:17
LEO: to back-pedal [fig.] - einhalten to back-pedal [sport.] - sich vom Gegner lösen …3 Replies