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Unterschied zwischen trust so und confide in so?Last post 09 Jan 10, 19:02
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen trust so und confide in so? Vielen Dank!2 Replies
Vertrauen Sie uns - Confide to usLast post 19 Aug 09, 11:17
Is it correct to say "confide to us", or does it have to be "confide in us". Is "confide" a …6 Replies
to wrangle so. in - jmdn. einschleusen, jmdn. reinmogelnLast post 29 Sep 14, 10:54
Ich kenne "wrangle" nur im Sinne von Streit oder streiten und vermute. "to wangle sth." hing…8 Replies
to move in with so. - mit jmdm. zusammenziehen Last post 22 Feb 11, 15:12
OALD: phrasal verb ,move 'in with sb to start living with sb in the house or flat/apartment w4 Replies
to be at feud with so. - in Fehde liegen mitLast post 04 Sep 20, 13:47
"feud" idioms these options are better expressions - at least in American English6 Replies
to bring so. to their knees - jmdm. in die Knie zwingenLast post 19 Jul 10, 17:34
"to destroy or defeat someone or something Sanctions were imposed in an attempt to bring the…11 Replies
to dis so. - (various)Last post 04 Feb 15, 11:25
dis (also diss) informal, chiefly US http://dws-sketch.uk.oup.com/cgi-bin/onlineOde/find_lem…12 Replies
to flash so. - jmdn. blitzen [ugs.] - in Radarfalle Last post 25 Sep 12, 00:16
From m-w.com: flash intransitive verb 1: rush, dash —used of flowing water 2: to29 Replies
to catch so. red-handed - jmdn. in Flagranti erwischenLast post 24 Aug 17, 14:40
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/in%20flagrantito catch so. red-handed - jmdn. in Flagr…7 Replies
to bonk (so.) - (jmdn.) bumsenLast post 20 Feb 18, 23:12
https://dict.leo.org/german-english/bonkhttps://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/defini…10 Replies