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to cower under death glareLast post 21 Aug 08, 18:42
He was the only one that would not cower under her death glare. Hallo, heute habe ich den u2 Replies
to cower away from sth. - vor etw. ängstlich ausweichenLast post 25 Aug 10, 16:05
We need to be aware of the fact that witnessing can be scary. We need to understand that man…2 Replies
cower cordLast post 27 Mar 06, 11:54
What exactly does this mean? The only information provided to me is that a "cower cord" is u…3 Replies
to heave to - beilegenLast post 30 Apr 17, 12:30
Das Verb "to heave to" hat auf Deutsch verschiedene Entsprechungen, aber "beilegen" ist mein…16 Replies
to be able to look forward to - (...)Last post 29 Apr 14, 15:08
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=able%20to%20look%20forward&searchLoc=0&result2 Replies
to relate to - nachvollziehenLast post 24 May 10, 13:27
Kennt jemand einen Zusammenhang, in dem "to relate to something" immer mit "etwas nachvollzi…12 Replies
to tergiversate - dauernd seine Gesinnung ändernLast post 18 Nov 05, 22:14
'Dauernd seine Gesinnung ändern' gives the incorrect impression of inconsistency or opportun…2 Replies
to abut to - anliegenLast post 09 Mar 04, 12:24
The preposition "to" is incorrect. If a preposition is used, it is "on", but "to abut" can …4 Replies
to talk to - reden zuLast post 24 Jan 06, 12:14
Ich hab noch nie "zu" jemandem geredet (zu jemandem sprechen), sondern "mit" Leuten.6 Replies
to cup - bechernLast post 22 Jul 07, 23:56
be|chern (ugs. scherzh.): eine größere Menge Alkohol trinken; zechen: gestern haben wir g3 Replies