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to decide + subjunctiveLast post 26 Mar 20, 13:09
The doctor decided that my mum do yoga for her mental health. Wäre dieser Satz grammatikalis…3 Replies
entscheiden aufgrund - to decide on?Last post 10 Mar 11, 16:08
The doctors decide if the abortion will be done on different facts like health and social ba…5 Replies
to decide on one' own destinyLast post 24 Mar 11, 12:59
Sie entscheidet über ihr eigenes Schicksal. Ich hätte gesagt: --> She decides on hers own d…6 Replies
function to decide Last post 27 Jul 10, 16:01
In case of necessity of interpretation the only function to decide is Human Resources – Comp…3 Replies
"decide to equip" oder "decide equipping"??Last post 18 Jun 06, 15:37
Höre oft verschiedene Meinungen darüber, ob auf "decide" "to" oder die -ing-Form folgen soll…2 Replies
für etwas entscheiden - to decide on sth?Last post 31 Dec 09, 18:41
I hope you decide on / in favour of him?3 Replies
über jemanden bestimmen - to rule over / to decide on??Last post 17 Jul 04, 19:06
Du bist ein Mensch, kein Gegenstand, über den ich bestimmen will. You are a person, not an …2 Replies
The right to decide was denied.Last post 13 May 17, 12:59
I'm really confused which "to deny" to use... would verweigern be right?9 Replies
decideLast post 02 Mar 06, 01:04
Hi, Can someone please explain the differences in usage between entscheiden/entschlossen/be…6 Replies
decide on or decide about???Last post 30 Mar 06, 08:10
native speakers... which do you use when, or is only to decide on correct? Thank you :-)12 Replies