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to decline spectacularlyLast post 11 Feb 07, 13:22
the quality of work had declined spectacularly which is the right verb for decline? verfall…1 Replies
to decline organicallyLast post 06 May 09, 11:40
"Beer volumes declined by 5% organically compared to Q1 last year." Kann man hier auf4 Replies
to decline bailLast post 13 Apr 09, 14:34
... The following day he was swept up in a mass arrest of peaceful demonstrators, and he dec…3 Replies
to decline an invitationLast post 14 Jul 08, 15:34
Although I do regret that you declined the invitation, I can fully understand your position.…2 Replies
ablehnen - decline ..Last post 11 Mar 09, 20:11
In the same year, Joachim Hunold, CEO, offended the Catalan community by refusing to bring i…8 Replies
declineLast post 05 Dec 09, 09:05
Mr. (John) Keats died of decline ... (TIMES Online, after an old source) In der langen List…5 Replies
rise, raise, decrease, declineLast post 06 May 09, 19:26
what's the difference between raise and rise, and betweeen decline and decrease. for example…1 Replies
Absatzrückgang - sales declineLast post 06 Nov 08, 19:44
Einen Absatzrückgang in Europa verbucht Ford für den September -2 Replies
Bevölkerungsrückgang - population declineLast post 10 Dec 11, 20:33
In den Neuen Bundesländern wird in den kommenden Jahrzehnten ein spürbarer Bevölkerungsrückg…1 Replies
stark zurückgehen - declineLast post 27 Aug 08, 11:58
In particular, the amount of German investments declines. wie kann man das wort stark in den…1 Replies