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imperfection, blemish, fault, shortcoming, flaw

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to defect toLast post 25 May 11, 09:39
aus N.Y.Times: Mr. T, a former internal security prison guard who had defected to the rebel …2 Replies
to defect fromLast post 23 Mar 08, 16:38
The Party of European Socialists are more likely to defect from their EP party than the base…1 Replies
defect free / defect-free / without defect - mangelfreiLast post 24 Mar 08, 09:42
self-explanatory I never believed that delivering defect-free product was possible... Der A…5 Replies
zero defect operation [textil.] - fehlerfreie produktionLast post 02 Aug 05, 12:41
Warum "[textil.]" ? Die "zero defect" zielsetzung gibt es auch in anderen branchen0 Replies
interventricular septum defect - der Kammerseptumsdefekt Last post 25 Feb 07, 13:14
ventricular septal defect [abbr. VSD]- der Kammerseptumdefekt [Abk.: KSD] ventricular septal…1 Replies
Fehler - defect Last post 19 Apr 11, 14:53
wir gehen davon aus, dass der Fehler an dem Netzteil liegt. we assume that the defect is loc…1 Replies
birth defect - der GeburtsfehlerLast post 24 Apr 07, 06:06
LEO: congenital defect, congenital abnormality - der Geburtsfehler birth defects - die Gebur…3 Replies
atrial septum defect [abbr.: ASD] - der Vorhofseptumdefekt [Abk.: ASD]Last post 25 Feb 07, 13:23
ICD-10: Q21.1 \tAtrial septal defect http://www.who.int/classifications/apps/icd/icd10online1 Replies
neural tube defect - der NeuralrohrdefektLast post 17 Oct 09, 19:33
Dorland's Medical Dictionary Copyright 2007. An Elsevier publication. “neural tube defect 1 Replies
title defectLast post 04 May 06, 23:26
http://www.investorwords.com/4994/title_defect.html Title defect (definition) Any encumbran…3 Replies