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to depend on so. for sth.Last post 01 Jan 09, 18:59
Many countries in Eastern Europe depend on Russia for energy, and it supplies about a quarte…4 Replies
to depend on so. for sth.Last post 28 Oct 11, 22:55
Czar Alexander thought that the serfdom system kept Russia at least a century behind the res…3 Replies
hinge on VS depend onLast post 17 Jan 13, 11:18
Gibt es - bezogen auf Sachverhalte - eigentlich irgendeinen Unterschied zwischen hinge und d…2 Replies
to attend on so. - aufwartenLast post 22 Jun 07, 14:23
The Regent's servants in dark blue liveries trimmed with gold lace attended on the guests. t…0 Replies
depend onLast post 01 Aug 16, 14:56
"There were few men whose ambition it was not to get that sort of 'staff job,' for it meant …2 Replies
depend on / rely onLast post 06 Nov 13, 11:35
Many people depend on tourism. I didn't quite get the difference between 'rely on' and 'dep…4 Replies
depend onLast post 22 Nov 10, 17:57
depends on the overall costs OR depending on the overall costs Which of the two ter4 Replies
Things depend on ....Last post 06 Nov 07, 11:56
Things depend on where you graduated. Hallo, mir ist die Bedeutung zwar klar, aber ich weiß…6 Replies
depend on stimulusLast post 23 Sep 09, 15:32
Aus: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Mark Haddon) In proper novels peopl…2 Replies
depend / subjectLast post 23 Jun 11, 11:57
The currency stabiliy depend on ..... or The currency stabiliy is subject to... 3 Replies