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to agree on sth. - übereinkommenLast post 14 Jan 13, 21:35
agree on something shake hands on, reach agreement on, settle on, negotiate, work out, arriv…15 Replies
to draw together - zuziehenLast post 27 Jun 07, 15:55
Many Biblical fundamentalists hold the belief that Science is at odds with the Bible when it…0 Replies
to get in on sth. - mitmischenLast post 03 Jul 08, 16:01
Graduation used to be a rite restricted to students leaving university, but these days schoo…0 Replies
to draw heavily on sth. - sich stark auf etw. beziehenLast post 08 Feb 07, 20:01
The authors draw heavily on the work of Egon Brunswik... http://www.oup.com/us/catalog/gener…3 Replies
to draw on so.'s generosity - jmds. Großzügigkeit ausnützen Last post 09 Dec 07, 16:33
"to draw on so.'s generosity" very unusual. Though not strictly wrong, it certainly doesn't …1 Replies
to draw for sth.Last post 01 Nov 08, 18:35
Catalan nationalism, which emerged in the 1880s and experienced a revival in the 1930s and a…2 Replies
draw on so. Last post 17 Sep 09, 10:16
Examples: - For the analysis I draw on XY's theoretical framework. - or as a title for a c…6 Replies
to draw distinctions - einen Unterschied machenLast post 29 Jun 12, 11:51
Insgesamt machen viele Ärzte augenscheinlich große Unterschiede beim Verordnen von Pillen. -3 Replies
to pore on sth. - über etw. grübelnLast post 13 Sep 10, 12:33
I am unfamiliar with "pore on" as an English idiom. Is it a wrong entry? Dialect or regional?2 Replies
to prey on sth.\t \t - einer Sache nachstellenLast post 15 Jun 07, 02:47
MW: Main Entry: 2prey Function: intransitive verb Inflected Form(s): preyed; prey·ing Etymol…1 Replies