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to dress casually - sich leger kleidenLast post 26 Feb 18, 07:28
Deutsche Aussprache falsch! "leger" muss [ leʒɛr ] wie frz. legere (mit accent aigu, accent …4 Replies
to dress a dress - ein Kleid anziehenLast post 09 Jan 08, 11:55
?6 Replies
to dress the partLast post 10 Jan 09, 23:59
Dress the Part of a Leader http://images.businessweek.com/ss/06/03/dressthepart/index_01.htm6 Replies
to wrap up warm - to dress warm(ly)Last post 06 Mar 12, 17:42
Hi, I just came across a difference in the usage of these two terms. At first I thought "s…2 Replies
to dress up as - sich verkleiden alsLast post 21 Sep 08, 17:16
To dress up as somebody / something = Sich verkleiden als jemand / etwas1 Replies
to dress back - sich umziehen?Last post 19 Mar 09, 17:15
He would have worn a woolen overcoat... he dressed back then as he dresses now - a starched …4 Replies
sich frühlingshaft kleiden - to dress up springlikeLast post 23 Mar 10, 21:15
wir sind aufgefordert, uns frühlingshaft zu kleiden we are supposed to dress up springlike …1 Replies
to dress a cable - ein Kabel verlegenLast post 16 Aug 04, 19:54
http://www.hometech.com/learn/audio3.html I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to dress…1 Replies
dress uniform - AusgehuniformLast post 17 Nov 08, 14:25
Definitionen von dress uniform im Web in Englisch: 1: a military uniform worn on formal occ…9 Replies
dress codeLast post 09 Feb 16, 11:58
An English headmistress has admonished parents (mothers mostly) who deliver their children w…83 Replies