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to fit inLast post 15 Feb 08, 21:55
how would you translate it in the following context.. "I knew i would fit in there!" Thanks 2 Replies
to fit in - einfügenLast post 19 Jan 11, 20:25
They are called the natural numbers, because they seem to fit in with what we see in the nat…2 Replies
to fit in Last post 14 Aug 09, 01:30
i fit in in my budget (but I don`t know, if my sentence is correct in english as well)4 Replies
to fit in the crowdLast post 16 Mar 10, 15:15
sich der Masse anpassen.. Wie könnte man diesen Satz noch besser formulieren? Ich finde mei…3 Replies
fit - in FormLast post 13 Mar 14, 19:13
fit adj.\t\t \tin Form http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=in%20Form&searchLo18 Replies
to fit in with - sich zusammentun mitLast post 05 Nov 07, 12:48
Mom thought I'd fit in better with kids my own age, especially with my being so small. I dou…6 Replies
passen in diese Gegend - to fit Last post 02 May 10, 15:46
Vielleicht passt mein Problem eher ins Sprachlabor: Mein Problem ist das engl. Verb 'fit'. I…7 Replies
push fit - SchiebesitzLast post 04 Aug 06, 17:05
Laut meinem englischen Kollegen, langjährig erfahrener Ingenieur. Mir begegnen die Begriffe …2 Replies
Komfort Fit, Modern Fit ... (Hemden)Last post 17 Jul 13, 17:29
Modern Fit, Komfort Fit, Body Fit, Regular Fit, Slim Fit, Standard Fit, Classic Fit – blickt…24 Replies
(in) a fit of pique - (in) ein(em) Anfall von GrollLast post 20 Jan 21, 13:24
http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/fit+of+pique.html Meaning: If someone reacts b…2 Replies