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to look after sth vs to look to sthLast post 04 Nov 11, 18:17
I read that look to sth means sich kümmern um and to look after also means kümmern. So, is t…1 Replies
to go missing - hopsgehenLast post 07 May 07, 09:54
They said they appreciated the "significant efforts" being made to find Madeleine. Their dau…5 Replies
to go after sb.Last post 01 Feb 07, 16:33
"I'd fight fire with fire. You after them." "Like how?" "Mach ihnen die Hölle heiß" - ist d…6 Replies
go afterLast post 07 Aug 09, 23:38
You can dip in and dip out of small or mid cap stocks, gain bond exposure and target establi…1 Replies
to go to rack - verlotternLast post 19 Mar 07, 17:10
"To go to rack" ist die einzige Übersetzung gegeben für "verlottern." Dieser Satz, soviel ic…0 Replies
to amend sth. - ergänzenLast post 14 Jun 08, 22:37
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/amend "amend" mit "ergänzen" zu übersetzen (oder u…6 Replies
to eat up sth./to eat sth. up - *Last post 10 Jan 19, 16:45
 to eat up   aufessen | aß auf, aufgegessen |   to eat up   abessen | aß ab, ab7 Replies
to go bang - an Luft verlierenLast post 25 Jul 13, 12:49
go bang to burst, shut, etc., with a loud noise See also bang up Collins English Dictiona…1 Replies
to go on sth.Last post 31 Mar 08, 13:32
The bulk of the costs have gone on external legal services, IT, video conferencing and site …1 Replies
to suit sth. to sth. - etw. (Akk.) etw. (Dat.) Sache anpassenLast post 04 Jan 09, 00:31
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies