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to go along with thingsLast post 07 Sep 16, 14:40
Objective: To establish what the comparison is being made against.Example: ‘It’s better to g…4 Replies
führen zu - go along withLast post 08 Apr 05, 00:18
Hohe Löhne führe zu hoher Arbeitslosigkeit. High wages go along with high unemployment. Das …2 Replies
to go alongLast post 17 Aug 07, 03:40
"you create your own universe as you go along" -- Winston Churchill Aus dem "The Secret" Film1 Replies
to go alongLast post 25 Jan 10, 01:35
i'm going along for fun1 Replies
along with Last post 19 Nov 11, 19:11
"He would have used them as a practical joke against Charley, his mother's husband, whom he,…10 Replies
along withLast post 10 Mar 11, 18:11
Ist "Along with" in einer Aufzählung statt "and" verwendbar ? Beispiel: I have completed m…11 Replies
to cope with/ to get along withLast post 27 Nov 05, 02:00
One question please dear native speakers: can you use the two expressions virtually as synon…4 Replies
to come up with sth. - mit etw. aufwartenLast post 28 May 13, 23:11
The phrase "to come up with something" generally has two common meanings, the first is "to t…4 Replies
how to get along with german society??Last post 10 Jul 09, 17:17
Hallo ihr zusammen, ich stelle mal einfach die Frage: wie kann ich in der deutschen Gesell…218 Replies
Difference between glide along and go along...Last post 16 Feb 07, 17:51
Is there a meaning difference between these two phrasal verbs? to glide along to go along1 Replies