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contrary, contra

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guard againstLast post 15 Nov 07, 11:50
schützen vor - dies passt in vielen Fällen am besten. "AIDS vaccine doesn't guard against vi…1 Replies
to have sth. against sth.Last post 20 May 10, 18:12
Hallo liebe Leos, ich stehe gerade vor der Frage, ob man "to have sth. against" im Doppelde…17 Replies
to argue against sth.\t \t - gegen etw. sprechen Last post 01 Sep 07, 17:47
Man spricht nicht gegen etwas, sondern man spricht sich gegen etwas aus. [Und für die Redewe…2 Replies
measured against sthLast post 14 Oct 08, 00:17
Got a question: Can one say "Measured against the length of the composition, the introductio…2 Replies
to assure sth. against sth. | assured, assured |\t \t \t - etw.Akk. vor etw.Dat. sichern | sicherte, gesichert |Last post 05 Dec 14, 19:11
Perhaps someone can confirm this? This is an entry in Leo for "sichern".3 Replies
to appeal against sth. - etw. weiterziehenLast post 22 Aug 16, 16:14
Englisch siehe Leo:http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=berufung%20einlegen&search…0 Replies
to raise sth. against sth.Last post 24 Sep 09, 17:23
The third term is the amount the bank can raise against late projects that are allowed to co…2 Replies
to guard something against ones returnLast post 06 Apr 10, 13:16
"However, since we can't take dragon armor with us, it was given to the Varden, who will gua…2 Replies
to blaspheme - Gott lästernLast post 07 Dec 14, 01:10
--- 29 but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty o…6 Replies
to sign against sthLast post 30 Jul 09, 13:09
Aus einem Brief: The amendments in the contract were signed against by the office manager. 8 Replies