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hold so. to sth.Last post 09 Oct 17, 13:08
"I'll write to you", he said. I dont hold him to it. Heißt das so viel, wie: "Ich bin ihm n…10 Replies
to hold so. to sth.Last post 22 Feb 08, 10:53
"We received assurances from Prime Minister Kostunica that there would not be a repeat of th…1 Replies
to hold so. to sth.Last post 01 Feb 18, 11:28
Jemand äußert eine spontane Idee und vergisst sie gleich wieder, wird dann aber mehrfach von…3 Replies
to tick sth., to tick so. off, ticking off - (various -- mark AE/BE)Last post 31 Oct 13, 00:18
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=1227291&idForum=2&lp=ende http://di5 Replies
to fob so. off with sth.\t - jmdn. mit etw. prellenLast post 10 Aug 07, 18:53
DWDS prellen: 2. umg. jmdn. (um etw.) betrügen (hat): jmdn. um Geld, seinen Lohn, das gan…2 Replies
to put so. off sth. - jmdm. etw.Akk. madig machen [ugs.]Last post 16 Feb 18, 13:38
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/madig*https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/madigmachen…12 Replies
to expel so. (from sth.) - relegierenLast post 17 Sep 18, 09:09
http://www.dwds.de/?woerterbuch=1&sh=1&qu=relegieren relegịẹren, relegierte, hat1 Replies
hold/bring/call so. to account for sth.Last post 06 Feb 20, 17:12
I’m exploring the meaning and connotations of this phrase for a private project and as I’m t…6 Replies
to mooch (sth.) off so. - (etw.Akk.) von jmdm. schnorren | schnorrte, geschnorrt Last post 09 Sep 12, 23:35
mooch (something) from someone to beg something from someone. Can I mooch a match from you? …2 Replies
to hold so captiveLast post 11 Jun 12, 09:29
Can a book hold you captive when it's really good?1 Replies