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But on the other hand it was clear to see that the DM wouldn't be improved upon through the i2 Replies
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im Zusammenhang mit Cumarin und Kartoffeln: We found that Cuumarin can be used to improve tu…1 Replies
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Im wirtschaftlichen Sinn?3 Replies
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Guten Tag! Ich möchte meinen englischen Stil verbessern; Welche Bücher könnt ihr mir dazu e…21 Replies
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Hey guys, I am looking for appropriate English literature that may help my girlfriend to im…15 Replies
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XY shall remain available for consultation until December 31, 2009 to assist ABC to develop,…3 Replies
"dictionary words" - words to improve your vocabularyLast post 16 Feb 10, 16:48
There are certain words or phrases in English which seem to appear only in "lists of obscure…2 Replies