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to miss sth. out - etw. auslassenLast post 26 Jan 05, 07:02
There is no construction like "to miss something out" in American English. The phrase is "to…2 Replies
to deck out sth. - etw. ausputzenLast post 12 Sep 06, 07:26
herausputzen = schön machen1 Replies
to figure sth. out - etw. herausfindenLast post 14 Feb 12, 18:03
Es ist vielleicht etwas mutig, wenn ich einen die englische Sprache betreffenden Korrekturvo…3 Replies
to keep sth. low - to keep low sth. [med. sci.]Last post 27 Mar 12, 17:12
By shaving off hair only after....on day 2, we intended to keep the portion of the growing4 Replies
Keep out!Last post 11 Jan 11, 13:57
So steht es auf der ersten Seite des Tagebuchs einer Zwölfjährigen (US) geschrieben. Was sc…7 Replies
to miss sth. out - etw. auslassenLast post 14 Sep 04, 06:35
There is no such thing as "to miss something out." Perhaps it should have been "to miss out…7 Replies
to run out of sth. - ausgehenLast post 09 Sep 09, 20:21
The clients for your water filters are going to run out if you don`t improve your offer. Die…1 Replies
to let sth. <-> out - etw. weiter machenLast post 16 Feb 06, 22:09
Is there any reason why this expression should be marked "textil."?3 Replies
keep sth. general v. keep sth. generallyLast post 03 Oct 11, 11:52
Got a bit confused regarding the grammar here... Talking about a statement that is "sehr al…3 Replies
to keep a secret - etw. geheim haltenLast post 09 Feb 06, 05:47
"sth." should be added to the English expression. "I must beg you to keep THIS a secret." (…6 Replies