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to look after sth vs to look to sthLast post 04 Nov 11, 18:17
I read that look to sth means sich kümmern um and to look after also means kümmern. So, is t…1 Replies
auf ... blicken - look back on // look forward to ???Last post 27 Sep 07, 12:28
"...und kann auf eine gut gefüllte Projektpipeline ... blicken" ich glaube, hier wird über d…2 Replies
have a look on sth?Last post 27 May 15, 17:42
Hallo zusammen Gibt es den Ausdruck "to have a look on something", im Sinne von, sich etwas…5 Replies
to be able to look forward to - (...)Last post 29 Apr 14, 15:08
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=able%20to%20look%20forward&searchLoc=0&result2 Replies
to get back to sth. - jmdm. antwortenLast post 26 Jul 04, 22:21
I am not sure which is the right attributation but clearly the one given is wrong: 'sth.' do…8 Replies
to look to do sth. ?Last post 09 Nov 15, 11:05
"Looking to trade my Apple iPhone 5s for a Samsung Galaxy 6 Plus" Ich sehe die Konstruktion 7 Replies
to agree on sth. - übereinkommenLast post 14 Jan 13, 21:35
agree on something shake hands on, reach agreement on, settle on, negotiate, work out, arriv…15 Replies
look back at sth. - Rueckblick auf etw.Last post 17 Sep 09, 06:21
A look back at Brian's life. Brian Barron was the quintessential foreign correspondent - sua…1 Replies
to look both ways on sth.Last post 22 May 11, 17:04
Recently, David Cameron said that the problem was that Pakistan was looking both ways on ter…4 Replies
to get in on sth. - mitmischenLast post 03 Jul 08, 16:01
Graduation used to be a rite restricted to students leaving university, but these days schoo…0 Replies