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AE for "to look sth. out"Last post 05 Jul 19, 22:01
The phrasal verb "to look sth. out," British, meaning "to search for and produce something":…20 Replies
to look after sth vs to look to sthLast post 04 Nov 11, 18:17
I read that look to sth means sich kümmern um and to look after also means kümmern. So, is t…1 Replies
to be able to look forward to - (...)Last post 29 Apr 14, 15:08
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=able%20to%20look%20forward&searchLoc=0&result2 Replies
to look to do sth. ?Last post 09 Nov 15, 11:05
"Looking to trade my Apple iPhone 5s for a Samsung Galaxy 6 Plus" Ich sehe die Konstruktion 7 Replies
to look to sb. for sth.Last post 23 Jan 10, 15:34
"The people trust him. They look to him for cures, for miracles. To them, even an aspirin is…1 Replies
to agitate for sth., to stick up for so./sth. - sich für etw. stark machenLast post 19 Sep 19, 13:57
starkmachenBedeutung: sich (für jemanden, etwas) einsetzen, (jemanden, etwas) befürworten, u…6 Replies
use of "to look into sth"Last post 30 Dec 07, 09:43
if you write your thesis, and you deal with different main issues there, can you say in your…1 Replies
"to demand for sth." and "to demand on so. for sth." so. for sth." - "(nach) etw. verlangen" und "von jmdm. etw. fordern"Last post 29 May 07, 18:58
As far as I know, I have never heard the use of "for" with the VERB "demand", although of co…0 Replies
to look for vs. searchLast post 22 Mar 11, 13:13
Hallo zusammen, in welchem Zusammenhang verwende ich "to look for", in welchem "search"? Gi…4 Replies
... for sth./so. to ...Last post 03 Jul 08, 10:50
Hi all, This may strike an intricate topic and it surely is quite detailed, but I'm sure y…1 Replies