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onward, ahead, onwards, forwards, fore, transmit

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to be able to look forward to - (...)Last post 29 Apr 14, 15:08
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=able%20to%20look%20forward&searchLoc=0&result2 Replies
to look forward toLast post 05 Oct 08, 17:14
i'm trying to translate the following sentence they always looked forward to my lessons i…1 Replies
TO LOOK FORWARD TO + ???Last post 22 Jun 08, 19:39
Hallo, mal wieder eine Anfängerfrage: ich habe im Gymnasium 7 Jahre Englisch gelernt. Ich…6 Replies
look forward toLast post 02 Jul 09, 15:59
Kann man bei einer Verabschiedung von Gästen sagen: "We look forward to welcoming you on bo…4 Replies
I look forward toLast post 07 Dec 03, 09:18
Ich sehe oft in Briefen "I look forward to seeing you...", also die Form "-ing" nach "I look…8 Replies
look forward to - meaningLast post 26 Jan 09, 17:54
Does "look forward to" always imply excitement and a positive attitude towards an event. LEO…3 Replies
look forward to + gerundLast post 09 May 15, 13:34
I just saw a post on FB from a friend of mine (native speaker of English) - it says "I'm loo…16 Replies
to look after sth vs to look to sthLast post 04 Nov 11, 18:17
I read that look to sth means sich kümmern um and to look after also means kümmern. So, is t…1 Replies
to look forward to immer +-ing?Last post 04 Sep 20, 10:52
Terry Pratchett, Snuff: “I'll look forward with interest to see“ etc. Poor copy-editing or c…9 Replies
To look forwardLast post 05 Jan 07, 23:43
I look forward to working with you again in 2006.12 Replies