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longe Lungenflügel

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lung - LungeLast post 11 Apr 08, 08:50
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&p=wlqAU.&search=Lunge aber auch: http://dict.leo.org/ende11 Replies
lunge - der Ausfallschritt [Fechten]Last post 08 Apr 11, 14:14
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fechten [...]Aktionen sind unter anderem: [...] - gerader Stoß…2 Replies
to barrack so. - jmdn. ausbuhen (ugs.)Last post 14 Jun 18, 17:23
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/ausbuhen Does the existing entry perhaps need a BE mar…5 Replies
to glare defiance at so. - jmdn. voller Trotz anschauenLast post 12 Sep 05, 13:29
It's probably a BE - AE thing. We would never say "to glare defiance" where I come from.3 Replies
lunge line - Longe, dieLast post 13 Jun 11, 11:35
We teach children how to mount and dismount the horses, and we let them walk, trot and cante…3 Replies
to be at issue with so. - streitig seinLast post 01 Jul 07, 16:57
But, Sir, the question on which we are at issue with Her Majesty's Ministers is neither a fi…0 Replies
to be at issue with so. - streitig seinLast post 23 Mar 09, 13:51
at issue 1. In question; in dispute: "Many people fail to grasp what is really at issue here…2 Replies
to poke fun at so. - jmdn. anpflaumen [ugs.] | pflaumte an, angepflaumt |Last post 21 May 09, 18:40
http://ladykinkling.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/fahrradgeschichten-17-antoine-wird-mal-wieder-a…6 Replies
to poke one's tongue out at so. - jmdm. die Zunge rausstreckenLast post 11 Mar 09, 10:27
Ich fand es verwunderlich, dass es bei der Suche nach "Zunge herausstrecken" keinen Treffer …4 Replies
to sneer at so./sth. - über jmdn./etw. Hohn lächelnLast post 28 Aug 19, 16:30
Siehe Wörterbuch: sneerhttps://www.dwds.de/wb/Hohn%20l%C3%A4chelnhohnlächelnLaut dem amtlich…0 Replies