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to occur sympatricallyLast post 05 May 09, 17:33
gleichzeitig auftreten?2 Replies
started to occurLast post 13 Dec 07, 16:57
"From 1983 it became more difficult to emigrate to Great-Britain and many laws were passed i…4 Replies
must be overcome for... to occurLast post 15 Oct 13, 13:25
ich habe hier einen Satz aus einer Publikation: These data demonstrate that for apoptotic s…6 Replies
reckoned to occurLast post 02 Jun 08, 19:07
All gold was reckoned to occur naturally with some silver Hi leos, ich habe Probs mit dem …2 Replies
to occur effective onLast post 16 Mar 11, 09:31
The company is pleased to announce that it has received a receipt for its final short-form p…1 Replies
are to fall to occurLast post 22 Jan 10, 14:44
Beispielsatz: The wish underlying this fantasy covers a wish that underlies skepticism, a w…6 Replies
to result, to occur, to take place, to happenLast post 01 Dec 16, 19:26
Which of the following sentences are correct?1) The death resulted at few hours after the ac…28 Replies
in Schüben verlaufen - to occur in episodes?Last post 26 Feb 13, 10:44
Die Erkrankung verläuft in Schüben The illness comes(?)/ occurs(?) in episodes??? Bitte um R…15 Replies
at the earlier to occur ofLast post 17 Nov 07, 11:06
(aus einem US-Scheidungsurteil - Agreement über das gemeinsame Eigentum) At the earlier to …11 Replies
durch stumpfe Gewalteinwirkung auftreten - to occur through blunt forceLast post 14 Jan 14, 19:27
Durch stumpfe Gewalteinwirkung können schwerste Organverletzungen auftreten, ohne dass äußer…0 Replies