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predominate, reign

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Which tools are necessary to prevailLast post 30 Jul 10, 16:24
Ich habe hier eine Präsentation vorliegen mit dem obskuren Satz: "Which tools are necessary …3 Replies
to prevail against your siblings - sich gegen seine Geschwister durchsetzenLast post 07 Dec 09, 15:12
Is "prevail against" correct here? Is "siblings" used in common English or is it better to s…2 Replies
to prevail over the life of the security - siegen über?Last post 29 May 07, 09:06
In the expectations theory, the interest rate on any government security can be viewed as an…3 Replies
dominieren - prevailLast post 31 Aug 09, 21:59
Daneben entwickelten sich zahlreiche Varianten der in dieser Gattung eindeutig dominierenden…2 Replies
to be prevail upon something - jdm überzeugenLast post 14 Aug 10, 17:55
"You were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry" Kann das jemand…2 Replies
prevail overLast post 07 May 08, 09:16
It is likely that you already have been or will be approached by your customer with a dedica…2 Replies
prevail overLast post 16 May 08, 10:59
In case of any inconsistency or conflict of interpretation in relation to or among this agre…4 Replies
making truth prevailLast post 16 Jun 09, 09:44
Jean de la Bruyère Logic is the art of making truth prevail. Vielleicht gibt es da eine Sta…2 Replies
cooler heads prevailLast post 04 Aug 09, 06:04
Die entsprechende Redeweung auf deutsch? Danke.4 Replies
Love does prevailLast post 04 May 10, 13:41
Hi, wie würdet ihr das übersetzen? Love does prevail... das steht in einem Buch bei den Dedi…6 Replies