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to pull out of sth.Last post 26 Aug 07, 20:09
Camilla had accepted her invitation by Princes William and Harry to the memorial service for…2 Replies
to pull out of sth. - aus etw. aussteigenLast post 27 Jul 12, 00:34
Greek high jumper Dimitrios Chondrokoukis has pulled out of London 2012 after testing positi…2 Replies
to pull out of sth. - sich von etw. zurückziehenLast post 29 May 11, 10:02
Qatar's Mohamed Bin Hammam pulls out of the race to head football's world governing body Fif…0 Replies
to pull out - zurückziehenLast post 01 Jan 08, 23:08
X-Factor winner Leon Jackson had been due to open the Hogmanay street party, but had to pull…1 Replies
Erkenntnisse aus etwas ziehen - to pull out awarnesses out of sth. ?Last post 03 May 10, 11:25
Hallo!!! Das wäre ganz toll wenn ihr mir helfen könntet, da ich diese Phrase ganz dringend b…3 Replies
to miss sth. out - etw. auslassenLast post 26 Jan 05, 07:02
There is no construction like "to miss something out" in American English. The phrase is "to…2 Replies
to deck out sth. - etw. ausputzenLast post 12 Sep 06, 07:26
herausputzen = schön machen1 Replies
to figure sth. out - etw. herausfindenLast post 14 Feb 12, 18:03
Es ist vielleicht etwas mutig, wenn ich einen die englische Sprache betreffenden Korrekturvo…3 Replies
to miss sth. out - etw. auslassenLast post 14 Sep 04, 06:35
There is no such thing as "to miss something out." Perhaps it should have been "to miss out…7 Replies
to run out of sth. - ausgehenLast post 09 Sep 09, 20:21
The clients for your water filters are going to run out if you don`t improve your offer. Die…1 Replies