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"to register with" oder "to register to"Last post 05 Jan 07, 19:53
Gibt es einer Regel, wann ich "to" und wann ich "with" benutze? Ich will das Wort "to regist…13 Replies
to register OR to register oneself?Last post 07 Jan 21, 16:19
Arriving on Ellis Island, immigrants had to register (themselves). 2 Replies
to register againstLast post 02 Jan 08, 12:25
One of the most interesting aspects of the book is Hopkins' identification of the way in whi…2 Replies
Not possible to registerLast post 10 Sep 12, 17:46
I was showing Leo to a friend who would like to post a question. She tried to register and g…3 Replies
to register a marriageLast post 20 Sep 10, 07:50
the marriage wurde am............ registered... What is the proper expressio nin German - c…7 Replies
to register a birthLast post 28 Aug 07, 12:26
...do hereby certify that I have this day registered the Birth of... Es handelt sich um ein…2 Replies
to register something togetherLast post 14 Oct 11, 13:38
fitting the spout to the overcap to register them together by engaging an outer surface of t…2 Replies
to register a new adress for a vehicle - ein Fahrzeug ummeldenLast post 24 May 17, 16:28
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/ummelden?side=right Der engl. "adress" sollte man ein …1 Replies
ein Projekt anmelden - to register, to announceLast post 26 Aug 05, 08:36
Ich habe bisher immer announce genommen, zweifel aber jetzt an der Richtigkeit. Was sagt ihr…1 Replies
to register for a weddingLast post 11 May 07, 16:04
They went to the department store to register for their wedding. In the USA, you go into a …8 Replies