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to report to so. - jmdm. unterstehenLast post 28 Apr 16, 16:51
English Merriam-Webster: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary d: to work as a subordin…25 Replies
to report / to report onLast post 05 Aug 15, 10:09
a publication reporting a female-to-male ratio in MS incidence of 2.3 a publication reporti…6 Replies
to request - Report anfordernLast post 02 Dec 04, 16:12
Warum Report?3 Replies
to report INTOLast post 05 Jun 08, 15:28
My question is rather simple and I'd appreciate input from native speakers or folks who wor…4 Replies
to report sthg versus to report on sthg.Last post 26 Jul 11, 16:04
"Recently, Hanson et al. reported on the physiological validation of an enzyme immunoassay fo7 Replies
to tender a report vs. to submit a reportLast post 11 Jul 18, 15:22
Ein Bekannter von mir schrieb mir heute: "....I was asked to tender all the reports of the w…4 Replies
to dis so. - (various)Last post 04 Feb 15, 11:25
dis (also diss) informal, chiefly US http://dws-sketch.uk.oup.com/cgi-bin/onlineOde/find_lem…12 Replies
to report toLast post 01 Aug 07, 14:31
He reports to the head of marketing. Er berichtet an den Marketingleiter. Es fällt mir imm…13 Replies
to bonk (so.) - (jmdn.) bumsenLast post 20 Feb 18, 23:12
https://dict.leo.org/german-english/bonkhttps://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/defini…10 Replies
to torment so. - triezenLast post 25 Sep 20, 08:07
Der eigentliche Eintrag ist in Ordnung, aber die Erklärung "schikanieren" ist falsch geschr…6 Replies