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solve, solubilise, dissolve, decide, solubilize

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sich entscheiden etw. zu tun - to resolve to do sth.Last post 06 Apr 08, 21:17
George resolved to work fewer hours in 2006. Ich suche ein Synomym für to choose bzw. to 4 Replies
to look to do sth. ?Last post 09 Nov 15, 11:05
"Looking to trade my Apple iPhone 5s for a Samsung Galaxy 6 Plus" Ich sehe die Konstruktion 7 Replies
to try AND do sth. vs. to try TO do sth.Last post 07 Sep 05, 18:17
Hi there, Does it make a difference whether you say 'to try and do sth.' or 'to try to do s…5 Replies
help do sth; help to do sth?Last post 18 Dec 06, 05:46
Wisst Ihr, ob/ wann es korrekt ist help do sth oder help to do sth zu sagen? Vielen Dank, …1 Replies
to not do sth.Last post 14 May 08, 00:53
"This is an important thing to not get wrong." Randy Pausch in this lecture at 1:09:00: http…12 Replies
to do have sth.Last post 14 Jan 08, 08:36
Ich habe in letzter Zeit öfter Sätze wie I do have work to sort out, but ... gelesen. Ich2 Replies
help (to) do sth.Last post 20 May 08, 21:48
Both is possible. I would tend to use 'to' in more complex sentences and/or in a more formal…6 Replies
awake to do sth?Last post 06 Dec 11, 22:58
The droughts awake some people to change their behaviour and think about their CO2 emission.…4 Replies
get to do sth.Last post 31 Dec 13, 14:56
Kann mir jemand erklären, was die Wendung "get to do sth" bedeutet? Ich habe schon häufiger…4 Replies
want to do sth.Last post 27 Apr 06, 17:52
Hallo! Ich frage mich gerade, ob das "to" in diesem Ausdruck eine Präposition ist oder Teil…14 Replies