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to retire somewhereLast post 19 Aug 11, 17:45
Where are you going this weekend? X town on the lake. My grandparents retired up there year…1 Replies
passiver Gebrauch von "to retire"Last post 11 Jul 07, 12:57
Kann man "to retire" auch passiv gebrauchen? Also: "He was retired"? Ein Kollege besteht dar…18 Replies
to retire sth. - etw. ausmusternLast post 09 Jan 12, 19:11
Unfortunately, Concorde aircraft were not competitive, and because of this (as well as a ter…0 Replies
to retire with the rankLast post 29 Dec 10, 09:47
He retired with the rank of Inspector and Officer in charge of all capital markets enforceme…3 Replies
to retire from (a job)Last post 17 Sep 20, 21:25
I am asked how to express "I retired from my job as a teacher...." My try is: "Ich habe…14 Replies
to retire - sich zurückziehen?Last post 07 Jan 09, 17:01
John retires in an abandoned lighthouse outside the city. John zieht sich in einen verlassen…2 Replies
to retire on conclusion of the AGM [insur.] - mit Ablauf des AGMs ausscheidenLast post 09 Dec 14, 12:53
Hier wurde in beiden Sprachen dieselbe Abkürzung eingetragen, die offenbar keine deutsche is…1 Replies
don't simply retire from something; have something to retire toLast post 30 Sep 10, 03:06
"Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” ich suche nach einem pas…4 Replies
retireLast post 09 Oct 08, 11:49
I'd like to say a few words about Joe Shlockmeister. As you know, Joe succeeded David Kleinb…4 Replies
Mr. X will retire by the end of August ... - ... is going to retire? His last working day IS?Last post 12 Jul 07, 16:23
Mr.X is going to retire by the end of August. His last working day is August 27th. If you ca…1 Replies