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to run low on sthLast post 21 Jan 10, 22:01
Moreover, the organisation was also running low on weapons and ammunition. Is this expres…3 Replies
to agitate for sth., to stick up for so./sth. - sich für etw. stark machenLast post 19 Sep 19, 13:57
starkmachenBedeutung: sich (für jemanden, etwas) einsetzen, (jemanden, etwas) befürworten, u…6 Replies
to run out of sth. - ausgehenLast post 09 Sep 09, 20:21
The clients for your water filters are going to run out if you don`t improve your offer. Die…1 Replies
to run sth. past sth.Last post 19 Jun 09, 15:38
The Council's wish to run this past a meeting of the European Parliament leaders at the end …6 Replies
"to demand for sth." and "to demand on so. for sth." so. for sth." - "(nach) etw. verlangen" und "von jmdm. etw. fordern"Last post 29 May 07, 18:58
As far as I know, I have never heard the use of "for" with the VERB "demand", although of co…0 Replies
AE - to make a run for it / run away / to run offLast post 12 Nov 13, 18:26
Alle drei bedeuten fuer mich wegrennen, nur was ich mich Frage ist, wann zu welcher gelegenh…3 Replies
to run short - verknappenLast post 28 Mar 07, 19:16
Liebes LEO-Team, "verknappen" ist meinen Augen im Deutschen nur transitiv zu gebrauchen. "t…7 Replies
... for sth./so. to ...Last post 03 Jul 08, 10:50
Hi all, This may strike an intricate topic and it surely is quite detailed, but I'm sure y…1 Replies
to make a run for sth. - für etw. kandidierenLast post 16 Feb 09, 17:06
Franz Josef Strauss made a run for federal chancellery in 1980. -1 Replies
to run a safety check for sthLast post 10 Nov 10, 10:08
Please run a safety check for any other malfunctions. Mir geht es um die Präposition. Wie s…9 Replies