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lösen - to separate fromLast post 21 Aug 08, 21:06
This is an excerpt from an action for annulment of a patent. "Diese Aufgabe möchte das Klag…8 Replies
separate to vs. separate fromLast post 24 Aug 07, 20:42
If I have gathered correctly, "separate to2 is used in the UK where I would use "separate fr…10 Replies
How to separate/punctuate English dates in written text?Last post 07 Nov 08, 01:34
Hi there, when writing dates, how and where do I have to punctuate? I prefer the format "M…8 Replies
foreseen as rendering the ability to separate...Last post 17 Mar 10, 22:18
http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7577945.html Combinations of components or steps will also…1 Replies
to separate the carbides from the rooms.Last post 18 Jan 13, 11:15
This year by June we have to separate the carbides from the rooms. Es handelt sich bei room…11 Replies
Divide - separate?Last post 12 Jun 09, 12:45
Is it possible to use "to divide" to express the idea that people get separated? My dictiona…4 Replies
separate - eigenständigLast post 16 Mar 11, 03:54
Should it be deemed necessary to have a separate translation in a specific language layer, p…1 Replies
nachfolgend..separat - separate...to follow?Last post 20 Oct 07, 15:50
Kontext e-mail: Aufgrund der Dateigröße werde ich es (das Material) nachfolgend in separate…4 Replies
ausfallen - separateLast post 16 Apr 12, 19:39
Säuren fällen die Silikate aus. Acids separate (or precipitate?) the silicates. Danke5 Replies
separateLast post 20 Jul 08, 18:50
Everything a Nina Ricci customer could want is there, from sporty separates with edge, to ea…7 Replies