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To settle in Last post 21 May 08, 20:22
I've read it somewhere, but didin't get the meaning at all: it said : I am settling in for…1 Replies
"settle in in"?Last post 08 Jun 11, 11:24
Is it correct to say, "Have you settled in in Berlin alright?" (In the sense of, "Hast du d…4 Replies
to settle in or to settle into? in a temper or in a bad temper?Last post 05 Dec 09, 09:50
He found i very difficult to settle into or to settle in his new job as it was so different …8 Replies
to settleLast post 10 Nov 07, 17:57
Her lawyer won't budge. It's 150 million to settle.7 Replies
to settleLast post 11 Mar 08, 15:24
The guy has a history of sexual assault. There were two incidents. One victim settled, the o…2 Replies
to settleLast post 22 Nov 10, 13:21
hallo ich brauche eine Übersetzung für diese auf Deutsch. I would like to settle my bills …3 Replies
to settleLast post 25 Jan 11, 15:53
He wants to get married, but he wants to fall in love. He isn't ready to settle. This is a …12 Replies
settle inLast post 13 Nov 19, 09:10
Processing the events out loud is essential. On the Road to Emmaus, the disciples talked thr…14 Replies
to settle sth. - make calm - etw.Akk. beruhigen | beruhigte, beruhigt |Last post 03 Sep 12, 08:56
Müsste es nicht heißen "jemanden beruhigen" (z.B. ein Baby) anstatt "etwas beruhigen"?0 Replies
to settle toLast post 14 Dec 10, 10:29
Ore slurry settling tests in two meter raked columns demonstrated that limonite and transiti…2 Replies