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to sign off - unterstützenLast post 03 Jun 08, 09:55
to approve or acknowledge something by or as if by a signature http://www.merriam-webster.c…2 Replies
to sign offLast post 12 Jan 11, 11:13
All employees to be updated on their knowledge in regards to the procedures required to foll…7 Replies
to sign off onLast post 20 Feb 09, 15:20
Hey, can you sign off on this (acknowledge that you have read it) and pass it on to the next…2 Replies
to sign off findingsLast post 25 May 12, 10:42
He was subjected to rigorous studies by at least two different universities of unquestionabl…1 Replies
to sign off on sth.Last post 15 May 05, 00:21
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7564781/ Ratzinger wielded enormous power in shaping church poli…1 Replies
sign offLast post 16 Oct 06, 10:15
This provision could become a battlefront between in house legal and finance, each of which …3 Replies
sign-offLast post 12 Mar 07, 20:00
Continuous recording with sign-off every 2 hours. Alarm systems satisfy the sign-off require…1 Replies
sign offLast post 17 Oct 11, 16:28
Hallo zusammen, könnt Ihr mir sagen, was "sign off" in diesem Zusammenhang heißt? Es geht…1 Replies
you are required to sign off on this reporting packageLast post 19 Feb 08, 15:55
Es geht um irgendwelche Berichte, die im Zuge der Konzernprüfung erstellt werden.2 Replies
...sign off prior to obtaining Last post 31 Jan 08, 10:54
Text einer Mail einer Bank aus der englischsprachigen Niederlassung. Es geht um die Einholun…1 Replies