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to sign on toLast post 04 Apr 11, 16:37
3 House Democrats sign on to bill to block EPA from reducing gases blamed for global warming 1 Replies
to sign on to a pledgeLast post 23 Sep 19, 16:11
I’m representing all of us in this commitment, but you will have a chance to sign on to this…3 Replies
to sign off onLast post 20 Feb 09, 15:20
Hey, can you sign off on this (acknowledge that you have read it) and pass it on to the next…2 Replies
\tgive way sign, yield sign - das VorfahrtsschildLast post 29 Jun 15, 18:56
Momentan kein Korrekturvorschlag, aber m.E. sind beide englischen Übersetzungen für "Vorfahr…7 Replies
sign posts - FahrbahnmarkierungLast post 30 Mar 06, 07:10
wurde auch schon diskutiert, s. Eintrag Straßenmarkierung. IMHO paßt sign posts nicht.6 Replies
sign up for vs. sign up with vs. sign up toLast post 02 Mar 05, 22:56
Hi, Could you please explain whether there is a difference in meaning between the following…3 Replies
for signing/to signLast post 11 Apr 07, 17:00
I have to ask you for signing the contract. I have to ask you to sign the contract. Was is…1 Replies
to sign off on sth.Last post 15 May 05, 00:21
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7564781/ Ratzinger wielded enormous power in shaping church poli…1 Replies
to sign off - unterstützenLast post 03 Jun 08, 09:55
to approve or acknowledge something by or as if by a signature http://www.merriam-webster.c…2 Replies
sign-on grantLast post 04 Feb 09, 12:11
I received an RSU sign-on grant that is not yet vested.1 Replies