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sign up for vs. sign up with vs. sign up toLast post 02 Mar 05, 22:56
Hi, Could you please explain whether there is a difference in meaning between the following…3 Replies
to sign up to sth.Last post 26 Nov 08, 12:06
EU member states are being urged to sign up to an economic recovery plan proposed by the Eur…2 Replies
to eat up sth./to eat sth. up - *Last post 10 Jan 19, 16:45
 to eat up   aufessen | aß auf, aufgegessen |   to eat up   abessen | aß ab, ab7 Replies
to agitate for sth., to stick up for so./sth. - sich für etw. stark machenLast post 19 Sep 19, 13:57
starkmachenBedeutung: sich (für jemanden, etwas) einsetzen, (jemanden, etwas) befürworten, u…6 Replies
jdn. zu etw. anmelden - to sign up so. for sth.Last post 05 Sep 09, 23:06
I would like to sign up my son for this course. Leo sagt "to sign up for sth." heißt "sich z…1 Replies
for signing/to signLast post 11 Apr 07, 17:00
I have to ask you for signing the contract. I have to ask you to sign the contract. Was is…1 Replies
to sign up for a major in journalism?Last post 11 Apr 07, 18:54
I'm translating something about an American; the German is "in die Journalistenklasse einges…7 Replies
to botch sth. (up) - etw.Akk. flicken | flickte, geflickt | Last post 12 Jun 12, 21:16
botch verb [with object] informal carry out (a task) badly or carelessly: he was accused of…2 Replies
sign out for sthLast post 31 Aug 07, 19:58
(Some Agents)They did not signed out for all the footage but took out the part that showed..…2 Replies
sign up for loansLast post 12 May 09, 19:18
XYZ would be signing up for loans and bidding on land ... XYZ ist ein Farmer, der bei Zwang…1 Replies