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slink, groveler, sidle, groveller

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to sneak (sneaked/snuck) - *Last post 01 Aug 16, 20:21
Bryan Garner, Dict. of Modern Amer. Usage, p. 606: snuck is a nonstandard past tense a41 Replies
sneak, cringing - der Duckmäuser, die Duckmäuserei Last post 03 May 11, 14:54
Duck|mäu|ser, der; -s, - [frühnhd., zu spätmhd. tockelmusen = Heimlichkeiten treiben, zum 2…3 Replies
to sneak overLast post 17 Jan 08, 11:55
I'd sneak over there to see that too ich suche einen etwa umgangsprachlichen Ausdruck dafür2 Replies
to sneak intoLast post 23 Jun 09, 14:03
sneak into e.g. another cinema audtion, without paying for it does that mean, to watch anot…5 Replies
to sneak aroundLast post 22 Jun 09, 22:54
I'm afraid I can't provide a proper context. A man and a woman were talking about their inte…7 Replies
sneak peekLast post 10 Jun 08, 09:56
An even closer sneak peek will be forthcoming on ... http://soapnet.go.com/soapnet/article/…2 Replies
covertly sneakLast post 12 Aug 13, 19:25
This is where you covertly sneak in some of your credentials and expertise on the topics you…2 Replies
Sneak PeekLast post 26 Sep 17, 23:17
Vorab-Bonusmaterial einer Serienstaffel vor deren Start Hallo, die beiden Einträge bringen …5 Replies
to sneak the odd oneLast post 26 Oct 10, 12:13
"Don’t think that she’s not sneaking the odd one here and there." ist das eine feste Wendung?6 Replies
When did you sneak in?Last post 15 Jan 14, 17:44
My colleague sometimes shows up in her neighboring cubicle so silently that often up to an h…5 Replies