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to take so. up on sth. - auf etw. zurückkommenLast post 03 Jun 14, 22:38
take up 4. To accept (an option, bet, or challenge) as offered. 5. To begin again; resume: L…0 Replies
to sneak (sneaked/snuck) - *Last post 01 Aug 16, 20:21
Bryan Garner, Dict. of Modern Amer. Usage, p. 606: snuck is a nonstandard past tense a41 Replies
to give up on so./sth.Last post 28 May 04, 14:19
In LEO steht da "von etwas Abstand nehmen", nicht sicher was damit jetzt gemeint ist, aber w…8 Replies
sneak upLast post 11 Jan 08, 22:21
Ich schleiche mich leise an. Carefully I´m sneaking up? Ist das richtig?1 Replies
to attend on so. - aufwartenLast post 22 Jun 07, 14:23
The Regent's servants in dark blue liveries trimmed with gold lace attended on the guests. t…0 Replies
it will sneak up on youLast post 24 Sep 09, 09:25
It will sneak up on you if you are not paying attention. Keep slacking like that and it will…12 Replies
to look so. up - jmds. Namen nachschlagenLast post 29 Nov 05, 15:52
Ich bin dafür diesen composed entry zu streichen oder to look so. up=jemanden aufsuchen zu…3 Replies
to give up on so.Last post 09 Nov 08, 10:56
Visibly unconvinced, he gave up on me and wished me luck for my life in London. His attempt …1 Replies
to give up on so.Last post 02 May 08, 14:50
The couple gave up on the braindead son and asked for the life support to be switched off.2 Replies
to grow up on so.Last post 16 Apr 19, 20:10
Filmszene in einer amerikanischen Serie der 80er: Zwei Freunde, die seit Jugendzeiten alles …15 Replies