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to squat - Kniebeugen machenLast post 04 Feb 09, 07:25
shut up and squat Bekannter Spruch in der Bodybuilding Szene mit dem man Leute auffordert ih…8 Replies
to squat - to crouchLast post 07 Dec 09, 11:37
We crouched down to get through the low hole in the wall. She squatted on the floor, trying…2 Replies
to squat up and downLast post 24 Jan 13, 13:53
In an Iraqi prison, a Britisch soldier grabbed my penis and dragged me around the floor whil…3 Replies
to squat on gazetted government landLast post 29 Jul 07, 17:41
A bigger threat to forestry is firewood harvesting, often carried out by landless peasants w…2 Replies
squat - Kniebeuge Last post 13 Jun 08, 11:05
"Sports (exercise), Kniebeuge f, Squat m fachspr." in: PONS Wörterbuch für S0 Replies
squat toilet - das Hockklosett Pl.: die HockklosettsLast post 18 Apr 17, 14:42
Deutsch:http://www.welt.de/reportage/wasser/wasserges...Es gibt keine Kanalisation. Die Arbe…3 Replies
to know squatLast post 18 Nov 08, 10:00
the Chef Engeneer figured out he didn't know squat about engines3 Replies
Squat to uppercutLast post 27 Nov 09, 10:56
....also das sind wieder irgendwelche Fitnessübungen....squats sind ja die Kniebeugen....und…9 Replies
squat - Bude Last post 26 Sep 03, 17:13
The Clash I remember when I was staying at Joe’s squat: he used to have all these album cove…2 Replies
squat Last post 08 Apr 07, 14:05
"Squating requires not only leg strength but also core strength." Im Kontext vermute ich "K…1 Replies