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to keep so. up-to-date, to keep up-to-date, being up-to-date - *Last post 20 Mar 09, 20:53
OALD: up to 'date adj. 1 modern; fashionable: This technology is bang up to date (= complete…1 Replies
to account for so. - für jmdn. gerade stehenLast post 05 Mar 06, 10:50
Thanks3 Replies
to look so. up - jmds. Namen nachschlagenLast post 29 Nov 05, 15:52
Ich bin dafür diesen composed entry zu streichen oder to look so. up=jemanden aufsuchen zu…3 Replies
to eat up sth./to eat sth. up - *Last post 10 Jan 19, 16:45
 to eat up   aufessen | aß auf, aufgegessen |   to eat up   abessen | aß ab, ab7 Replies
to chew up - anscheißenLast post 11 Oct 10, 04:08
Laut Aussage einer native (American) speakerin. Auch eine Google-Recherche (Hits-Vergleich +…9 Replies
stand up to scrutinyLast post 28 Oct 11, 18:05
stand up to scrutiny4 Replies
to stand up sth.Last post 12 Mar 16, 14:40
“For anyone out there who’s thinking of standing up a mature private cloud capable of suppor…4 Replies
to hook up with so. - einen One-Night-Stand habenLast post 18 Feb 07, 09:23
urbandictionary.com: to hook up is to do anything from make-out to have sex, with someone y…2 Replies
Hoarders stand upLast post 30 Nov 10, 18:42
Do you hoard/stockpile and/or why? (This is a big topic, AFAIK, and I don't get it, for the…57 Replies
to step up / to stand up / to come forwardLast post 21 May 14, 21:38
There's a split-second pause, before the whole room, about a hundred people, bursts into app…5 Replies