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to siphon so. away from sth.Last post 17 Nov 14, 22:50
Australia's mining boom, although good for the economy overall, has also worked against his …3 Replies
to let sth. get away from so.Last post 15 Aug 06, 13:20
You had your men start that fire to burn out John's place, too. They should be hung for doin…2 Replies
To take sth away from s.o.Last post 18 Jul 17, 20:59
For example:They took my car away from me.Is it:Sie haben MIR das Auto weggenommen ORSie ha…9 Replies
to expel so. (from sth.) - relegierenLast post 17 Sep 18, 09:09
http://www.dwds.de/?woerterbuch=1&sh=1&qu=relegieren relegịẹren, relegierte, hat1 Replies
Stay away from herLast post 29 Jun 10, 09:52
Kann man das so sagen?6 Replies
to be light-years away from sth. - meilenweit von etw.dat. enfernt seinLast post 18 Dec 17, 06:27
Bei "enfernt" fehlt ein T → entfernt0 Replies
to know sth. from sth.Last post 31 Aug 06, 12:28
Ich kenne "to tell sth. from sth." = "etwas von etwas unterscheiden / etwas und etwas ausein…1 Replies
to back away from sth. - von etw. zurückweichenLast post 04 Nov 09, 21:55
The Commission insisted it is ready to facilitate discussions between GM and its European pa…1 Replies
to smart under so./sth. - unter jmdm./etw. leiden Last post 18 Jul 08, 12:15
Someone has used the wrong preposition there - you certainly cannot smart 'under' something.…8 Replies
to learn sth. from sth. - etw. (Dat) etw. (Akk) entnehmenLast post 01 Apr 15, 07:53
Ich habe dem Singen meinen Vogel entnommen. (Dat/Akk) Ich habe das Singen meinem Vogel ento…3 Replies