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endeavor, labor, combat, endeavour, labour, travail

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Präposition:struggle to /struggle forLast post 19 Dec 07, 19:36
He struggles to establish... or he struggles for establishing ...3 Replies
to struggle - Probleme haben Last post 31 Jul 17, 14:49
Die zutreffendste deutsche Übersetzung für "to struggle" lautet in den allermeisten Fällen "…8 Replies
to struggle - Mühe haben mitLast post 02 Mar 07, 10:17
My naevity turned to suspicion as I struggled with his frequent long absences from home. Me…2 Replies
To Struggle Without Losing FaithLast post 25 May 10, 13:27
What is the correct German translation for the sentence 'To Struggle Without Losing Faith' ?2 Replies
struggling over/ to struggle over Last post 15 Jan 10, 17:11
Ideas are worth struggling over. They have something to tell us about and can influence the w2 Replies
to struggle against terrible odds - ganz miese Karten habenLast post 07 Jul 09, 11:49
"What the strag will thinks is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the gala…1 Replies
um Eigenständigkeit gerungen - struggle to maintain // struggle withLast post 15 Nov 07, 13:33
Die Sprachen, aus denen und in die übersetzt werden soll, sind ebenso vielgestaltig, in eini…0 Replies
to continue to struggle to do sth, as long asLast post 30 Jan 10, 14:32
Politicians will continue to struggle to command the respect of the people, as long as they …2 Replies
struggle - der KampfLast post 29 Apr 09, 22:11
it developes into a struggle1 Replies
um Wörter ringen - to struggle for words???Last post 01 Nov 07, 22:13
Manchmal rang er um Wörter... Hab leider keinen entsprechenden Eintrag gefunden. LG8 Replies