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to talk to - reden zuLast post 24 Jan 06, 12:14
Ich hab noch nie "zu" jemandem geredet (zu jemandem sprechen), sondern "mit" Leuten.6 Replies
to argue - beredenLast post 13 Dec 10, 19:56
das wäre alles7 Replies
to talk down to so.Last post 17 Jul 08, 18:27
"What he wanted he would get in the end. He treated me like a second-year pupil. "I would ju…1 Replies
to talk sth.Last post 22 Aug 11, 18:25
Im Bereich der Boulevardpresse bin ich über den Ausdruck "to talk sth" gestolpert. http://ww…10 Replies
to shoot the breeze - einfach so daherredenLast post 06 Mar 07, 17:07
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=248742&idForum=6&lp=ende http://dict.l2 Replies
to talk business vs. to talk about businessLast post 03 Jul 14, 10:02
Is there are difference between the two sentences? This is only a example, is there a rule …8 Replies
to talk up so. - jmdn. favorisierenLast post 14 Jun 10, 20:32
Former Manchester United, Aston Villa and Chelsea stopper Bosnich said the team went into th…1 Replies
'to talk to s.o.' vs. 'to talk with s.o.'Last post 03 Jun 05, 14:01
When I first started learning English (come to think of it - that was 25 years ago...), I le…13 Replies
to dis so. - (various)Last post 04 Feb 15, 11:25
dis (also diss) informal, chiefly US http://dws-sketch.uk.oup.com/cgi-bin/onlineOde/find_lem…12 Replies
talk with or to?Last post 06 Nov 06, 12:19
Hallo! Ich hätte mal eine kleine Frage zu den Präpositionen bei "talk". Sowohl mit "to" als…11 Replies