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veer, bend, rotate, curve, revolve, slue, convolution, swivel, twist, spin

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turn - umwandelnLast post 14 Jul 06, 11:01
In diesem Zusammenhang stellt "turn" ein Verb dar, daher fehlt LEO das "to".0 Replies
to turn sth. ⇔ on Last post 13 Mar 08, 17:07
"to turn sth. ⇔ on" "turn-on sth." Im konkreten Fall würd' mich interessieren: Schreibt m4 Replies
turn onLast post 14 Dec 11, 10:21
Hallo, wo liegt der Unterschied zwischen "turn the lights on" und "turn on the lights" bzw…2 Replies
to attend on so. - aufwartenLast post 22 Jun 07, 14:23
The Regent's servants in dark blue liveries trimmed with gold lace attended on the guests. t…0 Replies
to turn so. ⇔ back - jemanden zurückweisenLast post 19 May 20, 16:35
Wörterbucheinträge englisch----------------------------------------------https://www.oxfordl…3 Replies
to turn up heat on so.Last post 25 May 08, 13:28
Aid donors turn up heat on Burma. International aid donors meeting in Rangoon are renewing p…1 Replies
to turn onLast post 16 Apr 09, 21:22
The question turns on how far these object have exact boundaries. Die Frage wandelt sich da…2 Replies
to lathe - drehenLast post 30 Mar 12, 19:02
In über 45 Jahren in der Maschinenbaubranche, habe ich nie "to lathe" gehört oder gesehen. L…54 Replies
"to turn on the question" to "to turn to the question" (and contexts in which you can use "to turn on to")Last post 15 Feb 15, 22:19
Sorry for the oddly specific subject line! I'm proof-reading a friend's paper. He had writ…4 Replies
to turn sth. in - etw. abgebenLast post 01 Jan 06, 18:26
The word order is more likely to be "to turn in sth." It agrees with the Merriam-Webster usa…9 Replies