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veer, bend, rotate, curve, revolve, slue, convolution, swivel, twist, spin

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turn - umwandelnLast post 14 Jul 06, 11:01
In diesem Zusammenhang stellt "turn" ein Verb dar, daher fehlt LEO das "to".0 Replies
to lathe - drehenLast post 30 Mar 12, 19:02
In über 45 Jahren in der Maschinenbaubranche, habe ich nie "to lathe" gehört oder gesehen. L…54 Replies
to turn so. ⇔ back - jemanden zurückweisenLast post 19 May 20, 16:35
Wörterbucheinträge englisch----------------------------------------------https://www.oxfordl…3 Replies
to turn sth. in - etw. abgebenLast post 01 Jan 06, 18:26
The word order is more likely to be "to turn in sth." It agrees with the Merriam-Webster usa…9 Replies
to turn so. off Last post 19 Nov 07, 07:23
The audience was turned-off by the depressing topic of the film. Ich suche den Begriff "to …3 Replies
to turn so. offLast post 27 Dec 07, 17:04
But Jon insists his bad experience with drugs turned him off becoming a user. ‘Did you ever sm1 Replies
to turn so. aboutLast post 17 Nov 09, 10:57
She jumped off the desk, grabbed his hands, and pranced around him, turning him about. Eine…2 Replies
turn to -> peaceLast post 03 Jul 07, 00:44
Hallo zusammen Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob man turn to in diesem Zusammenhang brauchen kan…3 Replies
to turn - abbiegenLast post 27 Oct 10, 23:53
Are both of these examples using the verb "abbiegen" acceptable for giving someone direction…1 Replies
to turn - abbiegenLast post 12 Jan 09, 13:47
turn (CHANGE DIRECTION) verb [I or T] to (cause to) change the direction in which you are fa…3 Replies