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adventure, risk, peril

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ventureLast post 25 Jun 11, 13:51
As I ....inside the wreck, I swim through clouds of tiny Hier habe ich keine Ahnung Geht …1 Replies
\tventure capital investment [finan.]\t \t - die Venture-Capital-BeteiligungLast post 24 Apr 08, 22:10
wenn man venture übernimmt, ist es nicht übersetzt.1 Replies
charge to your room, venture outLast post 17 Jan 11, 17:37
"Should you arrive prior to the 3rd of Feb, please feel free to charge any meals consumed in t1 Replies
to hang out - herumhaengenLast post 08 Apr 04, 11:08
I tried using "herumhaengen" with a German friend and he said "rumhaengen" is the right way …5 Replies
to creep out - herausquellenLast post 07 Jan 06, 21:04
"creep" ist nicht "dwell", oder? Quellen kann doch nur etwas Flüssiges, und das hat "creep" …4 Replies
to lock out - verriegelnLast post 17 May 13, 14:28
lock out Definitions verb 1.to prevent from entering by locking a door 2.to prevent (employe…22 Replies
to make out - knutschenLast post 20 Jan 10, 10:54
I can't tell you how humorous this word sounds to me as a British person. It is a well know…3 Replies
to live out (Amer.) - überlebenLast post 08 Sep 09, 04:58
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=en&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies
to phase out - abschaffenLast post 01 Jun 07, 05:10
~DWDS~ abschaffen: b) etw. aufheben, außer Kraft setzen: die Todesstrafe, e. Gesetz, Steue1 Replies
to pull out - zurückziehenLast post 01 Jan 08, 23:08
X-Factor winner Leon Jackson had been due to open the Hogmanay street party, but had to pull…1 Replies