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to bully one's way into sth.\t \t - sich in grober Weise Eintritt zu etw. verschaffenLast post 23 Jan 07, 18:04
MW:bully 1 : to treat abusively 2 : to affect by means of force or coercion AHD: Inflected …2 Replies
way of doing sth. / way to do sth.?Last post 05 Jul 04, 17:27
Was ist eigentlich korrekt? - There are several ways of doing it. (way + of + verb-ing) - Th…12 Replies
to dip one's fingers into sth.Last post 06 Sep 09, 17:13
But the real money is made in kidnapping and "bunkering", tapping into pipelines to steal oi…1 Replies
to make one's way to sth. - zu etw. hingehenLast post 31 May 12, 18:01
A group of young professional women walk into a pub. Laughing about the British weather, the…11 Replies
be way into sthLast post 24 Oct 09, 12:38
"I know you Catholics are way into exorcists" heißt das in etwa: Ich weiß, ihr Katholiken h…2 Replies
be way into sthLast post 05 Nov 09, 15:48
I know you Catholics are way into exorcists. Wie würde da die deutsche Entsprechung lauten?39 Replies
to think our way into sth.Last post 09 Mar 09, 16:49
We do not think our way into most emotions.1 Replies
wangle - drehenLast post 29 Apr 03, 22:13
Wäre es nicht angebracht, in der Deutschen Übersetzung anzumerken, dass das im übertragenen …4 Replies
to adopt sth. as one's own / to appropriate sth. / to embrace sth. - sichDat. etw.Akk. zu Eigen machenLast post 10 Oct 12, 19:10
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&1 Replies
to trade one's way out of sth.Last post 25 Jul 13, 18:39
The Spanish government says it expects the recession to end soon. It has cited improving exp…5 Replies