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to weigh in on sth. - seine Meinung zu etw. äußernLast post 11 Mar 10, 14:13
LEO: to weigh in - einwiegen to weigh in - sich einschalten http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewU…1 Replies
to weigh in onLast post 17 Apr 09, 00:40
Wolfgang Wähner-Schmidt, former editor-in-chief of Reuters Europe, says DPA's owner-customer…2 Replies
auf etw. lasten - to weigh on sth.Last post 14 Aug 13, 21:24
Hohe Verluste bei Steel Americas würden schwer auf den Gewinnen lasten. -2 Replies
to get in on sth. - mitmischenLast post 03 Jul 08, 16:01
Graduation used to be a rite restricted to students leaving university, but these days schoo…0 Replies
to weigh on Last post 24 Jun 07, 13:30
Safety concerns about Avandia (drug) first surfaced in May and have weighed on the company's…1 Replies
to weigh in on someoneLast post 10 Mar 10, 22:50
the film features a number of respected figures weighing in on Kurzweil es geht immer noch …17 Replies
lasten auf - to weigh onLast post 15 Oct 13, 08:46
Eigener Songtext. INSIDE vs 1: the fear still strong I can’t change it’s been so long too…13 Replies
to agree on sth. - übereinkommenLast post 14 Jan 13, 21:35
agree on something shake hands on, reach agreement on, settle on, negotiate, work out, arriv…15 Replies
to weigh sth. against sth. - etw. gegen etw. abwägenLast post 10 Dec 13, 11:37
Pisa Test South Korea might have come near the top of the educational rankings, but they co…2 Replies
in dependence on sth. - in Anlehnung an etw.Last post 27 Jun 11, 13:01
Definition of DEPENDENCE 1: the quality or state of being dependent; especially : the qualit…4 Replies