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down, own, stow, tone, tow, trow, twin down, Thon, Ton, Twen

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E --- Noun 1. market town - a (usually small) town where a public market is held at stated t…2 Replies
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city <=> townLast post 02 Aug 04, 23:45
Ich denke, dass "city" und "town" oft/meist/manchmal? synonym verwendet werden. Aber wenn ic…12 Replies
town clerkLast post 01 Apr 11, 09:24
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town and country planning - RaumordnungLast post 05 Apr 10, 16:03
Just another suggestion, not that the current entry is wrong. Zoning is what we use in the …5 Replies
dormitory town - die SchlafstadtLast post 18 Feb 11, 13:54
Schlaf|stadt, die (ugs., leicht abwertend): Trabantenstadt ohne Möglichkeiten zu gesells1 Replies
Unterschied: city - townLast post 12 Aug 08, 12:54
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Straightfoward town hallLast post 29 Jun 05, 23:03
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