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trace pitch - LeiterbahnLast post 01 Jan 14, 23:21
Trace spacing is measured center-to-center and is called trace pitch. http://www.google.de/ur0 Replies
nutritional trace - FraßspurLast post 07 Nov 13, 10:38
Fraßspur = durch Tierfraß (z. B. Anknabbern) entstandene Spuren. "nutritional trace" hat vi…12 Replies
without a trace - spurlosLast post 20 Jun 11, 16:25
Karen, a vibrant 23-year-old with a good job and bright future, disappeared without a trace …11 Replies
trace - StrangLast post 04 Oct 19, 13:43
trace: Strang (Teil eines Pferdegeschirrs)Pl. traces: Strängehttps://www.merriam-webster.com…2 Replies
traceLast post 20 Mar 08, 13:41
Betr.: Halbleiter The substrat is e.g. a DBC (direct bonded copper) substrate, which compri…2 Replies
traceLast post 17 Jun 21, 02:40
In the Negro trace, men sit on stoops, pants legs rolled above their sock tops, sipping coff…23 Replies
traceLast post 14 Aug 16, 00:52
'I need a trace on Mary Northquist', sagt der Polizeibeamte, der nach einem Kind sucht, das …6 Replies
Spurenmenge - trace amountLast post 27 May 09, 19:37
Das Gaschromatogramm weist 3-Chlorpropyltrichlorsilan neben Spurenmengen an Trichlorsilan, A…1 Replies
to trace back - transitive or intransitiveLast post 08 Sep 14, 18:38
I've always used "to trace back" intransitively, e.g. His family can be traced back to the …14 Replies
debug traceLast post 01 Feb 07, 10:58
Specifies task Turns on debug trace. am liebsten den ganzen satz.. :-)4 Replies