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to truck - transportierenLast post 29 Apr 14, 23:08
truck v.tr. To transport by truck. v.intr. 1. To carry goods by truck. 2. To drive a truck. …12 Replies
to truck - per LkW transportierenLast post 28 Mar 08, 13:13
The material was trucked to.. From a US report on shipping material by truck1 Replies
transportieren - ship / supply / transportLast post 30 Aug 09, 21:45
We ship it by lorry. We supply it by lorry. We transport it by lorry. Welches der genannten …2 Replies
transportierenLast post 20 Oct 08, 17:58
Geld transportieren Transfer money??4 Replies
to truck sth. - etw. transportierenLast post 22 Dec 12, 15:34
truck v.intr. 1. To carry goods by truck. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English …0 Replies
to move poor - langsam transportieren\tLast post 18 Jan 14, 09:13
Bob searched his mind for a way to move poor, sick Jan. Then, he remembered. He had once mad…9 Replies
Gefühl transportierenLast post 15 Oct 07, 15:10
Das Bild transportiert ein Gefühl der Leichtigkeit. Helft mir bitte!12 Replies
liegend transportierenLast post 07 Jun 05, 15:12
Directions for transporting art Does anyone know the official English term for this? Do they…4 Replies
Botschaft transportierenLast post 11 Jan 07, 22:00
Der Film transportiert eine düstere Botschaft. The movie transports a grim message???1 Replies
herumtragen / transportierenLast post 17 Jun 08, 12:03
Das Produkt ist aufgrund seines geringen Gewichtes und seiner kleinen Abmessungen dazu geeig…1 Replies