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strut, trout, trust Truhe, Trust, Trutz

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in truth - wahrhaftLast post 23 Feb 12, 10:40
Adv. 1. in truth - in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers); "in truth, moral …2 Replies
The truth about Santa's reindeerLast post 22 Dec 07, 13:56
According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, whilst both male and female reindeer g…2 Replies
The truth will out. - Lügen haben kurze Beine.Last post 29 Aug 08, 21:35
Fehlt wohl das "come".3 Replies
Truth! Be honest!Last post 17 Jul 09, 09:22
Ist diese Kombination üblich für 'Sei ehrlich'? Ohne "Tell the ..." oder ähnliches. Ich hab…8 Replies
half-truth - HalbwahrheitLast post 30 Jul 06, 12:50
Pretty much self-explanatory, I guess... Pretty much self-explanatory, I guess...0 Replies
truth content - WahrheitsgehaltLast post 17 Dec 08, 10:17
Cf.: Arguably, the idea of "truth content" (Wahrheitsgehalt) is the pivotal center around…1 Replies
The truth will out. - Lügen haben kurze BeineLast post 08 Dec 05, 15:46
Irgendwie hab ich das Gefühl, dass beim bisherigen Eintrag in LEO ein Wort fehlt. Denn IMHO …5 Replies
Ainsley Harriott - the truth will outLast post 29 Nov 07, 16:23
this http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2006/ainsley-prick-p1.php was sold in Ireland for…1 Replies
the fountain of TruthLast post 10 May 06, 20:45
In my life I'll have written a zillion articles (OK, make it over one hundred for the sake o…150 Replies
half-truth - die HalbwahrheitLast post 21 Oct 06, 08:09
»a statement that gives only part of the truth, especially when it is intended to deceive sb…2 Replies